Monday, 21 November 2011


I really hate to do this, or speak badly of anyone, but when a story needs to be told and the public informed on a issue, people must step out of the crowd and speak the truth! CITIZENS OF WINNIPEG, HEAR THIS: When you are looking for a dentist, do yourself a favor, and DO NOT go to the all smiles dental clinic on Henderson Highway, The dentist is the WORST in the city, and the reception staff is more ignorant than a barn full of animals! Here is my story as to why I am so upset, and you be the judge if this is the way you would like to be treated. A little background, I am a working father of 3 small boys, and the primary breadwinner in the household, so as you could imagine, me missing work, almost means one day without food on the table. I had a sore tooth, so I went to this dentist, Dr. Meredith Penner, whom I might add I have seen before. I missed a few hours work, but that was acceptable, was only a few hours, he looked at my tooth and said I need a root canal. I said ok, lets do it, i also wanted some other things fixed, couple of cavities, replace my 25 year old silver fillings, and so on and so forth......Dr penner said to me that I would have to come back, no problem, so I booked a 4 hour appt, so he could do all this work in one shot! By the way this dentist I now realize, is a one man gong show, trying to do the work of 3 or 4 dentists. I re arrange my schedule to accommodate his bullshit schedule, (another self centered dentist, you work around his schedule, he doesn't work around yours)  So the day of my appointment comes, and I go to the ALL SMILES DENTAL CENTER (Should be called NO SMILES HELL HOLE) I am expecting to have my teeth fixed, including my sore tooth, I am greeted by one of the biggest bitches that I have ever met in my life, let me tell you the word bitch is being very conservative......After this ignorant cow gives me 20 mins of hassle after hassle I get to see the dentist, its not all bad I guess, and this is the icing on the cake for me anyways.....The stupid Moron starts to work on my teeth, and not the problem tooth, I am wondering what in the hell is going on, but then I figure we have a 3 - 4 hour appt, guess that's lots of time to get to the problem tooth....He starts freezing and drilling, and then right in the middle of everything this Idiot basically throws his hands up in the air, gives up, because he cant keep up with his other patients, and tells me my appt is over......I just lost out on $800.00 at work, and my appt is over after 30 mins.....I was like WTF! I asked him about my sore tooth and why he wasn't going to fix that, and he told me he was done with me, and he is a dentist, and not a mechanic....So I left, I was beyond words disgusted, and if it was legal to smack someone around, trust me that clown would have got it! Needless to say, I have a new dentist, that completed all this morons screw-ups 2 days latter, I told the new dentist what happened, and we had a good laugh......My new dentist made a good point, he said, "Just because you call yourself a dentist, does not mean you are really a dentist!"  You  can have the full horror story yourself, just book an appointment. But do yourself a favor, save your time and your money folks and go to a REAL DENTIST, and P.S. if you know anyone that sees this clown, tell them to wake the hell up, open the yellow pages, and find a REAL DENTIST.